Business Card Template Ideas


Business cards are just as important today as ever - maybe even more so.

Choosing the right business card, which matches your corporate and personal goals has become increasingly challenging. Everyone wants to be "unique" and creative. But is being the most creative really the best choice for you?

We asked a group of sales people what is the important aspect of their business cards. And the answers varied widely. Some said that it has become more difficult to decide the most important contact details to place on their business cards.

In the past, a simple phone number would suffice. But today, your corporate Facebook page has become just as important as you cell phone number. And of course, landlines have all but dispaared off the map - especially for those constantly on-the-go.

Luckily, the cost of business cards - even higher quality cards - has decreased with the use of new technologies and the Internet.

Companies such as Vistaprint now dominate the marketplace. The can source cheap printing across the globe and provide low delivery costs and fast turnaround in just days.

So, what do we suggest for your business card template? Here's an idea or three for you...

First and foremost, your company name, your name, and your title (if it matters) should be at the forefront and dominate the space on your card. Fancy designs that are not part of your company logo do not belong on your card - unless your a designer, perhaps, and want to show-off your skills.

Next, your cell number and email address. If you're doing a lot of international business then be ahead of the game and include the country code in front of your cell number. That way, people can contact you from abroad without having to figure out how to dial the U.S., for example.

If you are using a personal email address, and not a corporate one, then make sure it is professional looking and uses a quality email service. Having an email address like doesn't fit the bill and is not appropriate for a business card.

And last of all, choosing the right font is maybe the ost important decision for your card. Using stylish fonts may seem like the right idea to you but they can also send the wrong message, or even worse, they may be difficult to read.